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International exhibition "HouseBuild"

The 25th International exhibition "HouseBuild" will be in EXPOFORUM 24 - 25 April, 2021

The exhibition is organized by the exhibition association "ExpoSfera" for people who want to buy a country real estate, land parcel, build or develop their house.

This is a great opportunity for building companies to talk about their projects at the most popular construction exhibition in Saint-Petersburg. The event takes place twice a year since 2008 and it is one of the largest specialized exhibitions in Russia.

25-26.03 25-26.03

Exhibition Association "ExpoSphere" succeed to attract the attention of an extensive audience and provide exhibitors with targeted visitors from time to time. Revival and festive atmosphere reigned at the exhibition both days off. The participants together with the exhibition management prepare in advance for the meeting with visitors announcing special offers and discounts. Participation justifies itself both directly at the exhibition and in the long-term perspective according to the majority of specialists who worked at their stands. There are many target customers at the exhibition. Orders, deals and purchases are made there. Participants form a client base, visitors leave their contacts for future work.

Int_participants Int_participants

Int_participants Int_participants

Int_participants Int_participants

A special attention deserves the program "Show HouseBuild" with interactive master classes. The exposition always presents traditional and modern building materials, technologies and services in the field of construction. Everything you need for construction: from foundation to roof. Engineering systems: sewage, water treatment, ventilation and heating. Houses and bathhouses "on a turn-key basis", security systems and the Clever house. More than 200 participating companies. The exhibition "HouseBuild" gives an opportunity to compare offers, get consultations, establish new business connections. This is an exhibition-sale and the most democratic platform for dialogue on a private and professional level.

The effectiveness of participation in the exhibition is guaranteed by:

  • The exhibition aims to offer visitors solutions of the "turn-key" construction issues and successfully copes with it from exhibition to exhibition.
  • Convenient location of the exhibition area.
  • Professionalism and many years of experience of the organizers.

Int_participants Int_participants

Int_participants Int_participants

Int_participants Int_participants

Int_participants Int_participants

Int_participants Int_participants

The program of the exhibition includes a series of seminars and master classes devoted to various aspects of the construction of a country house: design of the house, water supply and sewerage, warming of the house, etc.


Visitors of the exhibition:

  • The exhibition is held in B2C and B2B format. It is oriented to the end user and to the specialist.
  • The number of visitors of the exhibition is 12 000 people.
  • The exhibition covers an area of more than 7,000 square meters. It is divided into three parts: stands of exhibitors; conference rooms where master classes take place every hour; open exhibition space (outside).


Exhibition partners:

General partner - Knauf Gips KG

Business partner - LSR

Business partner - Finnish paints Teknos

Business partner - Company "ISOPLAAT-ISOTEX"

Business partner - Germetic Snab Service

Business partner - Balaev block

Sections of the exhibition:

Building Materials
Facades, Roofing, Gates
Windows technology
Building Equipment & Tools
Paints&Decorative Plasters
Fireplaces & stoves
Doors & Locks
Curtains, Textile, Curtain Rods, Shutters
Lighting & Electrical Products
Bathrooms & Kitchens


1. Review. Participant from Switzerland

2. Review. Participant from Switzerland

More reviews>>

Exhibition management: +7 (812) 600 92 62, +7 (812) 600 92 92,

Предстоящие события:

18 февраля Конференция, Бали

24-25 апреля 2021 выставка Строим Дом


12 ноября 2020 Выездная конференция

26-27 сентября 2020 выставка Строим Дом

19 августа 2020 Конференция, Бали

Среди участников выставки:





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